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About the show

Our American Experiment is a podcast that engages leading thinkers and doers creatively working to strengthen the United States of America-- the longest running experiment to defend individual liberty and promote human flourishing the world has ever seen. Cohosts include DC-based tech insider Jessica Dahl and Austin, TX, based serial entrepreneur Evan Baehr.


  • Avik Roy on reinventing the traditional think tank

    June 18th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  52 mins 8 secs
    conservatism, economic opportunity, health care, immigration, public policy

    In many ways, the life of Avik Roy was pretty predictable. He had gone to MIT, later Yale medical school, then he was investing in companies and making a lot of money. And then something happened: when he grew concerned about health care policies, he went in search of solutions only to find that he was the solution. How Avik Roy, son of Indian immigrants, is expanding economic opportunity for Americans who least have it by reinventing the traditional American think tank.

  • Jeff Sandefer on Disruptive Education—creating the one-room schoolhouse for the 21st century

    June 4th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  1 hr 2 mins

    Jeff and Laura Sandefer started Acton Academy eight years ago with the single goal of providing a learner-driven education for their two sons. What transpired was a global network of today’s most innovative schools. Jeff Sandefer tells the origin story of Acton Academy, shares lessons learned from experiments in education, and discusses how Acton inspires students to find a calling that will change the world.

  • Steve Hilton on Positive Populism, Brexit, and Fleck-Festooned T-Shirts

    March 13th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  54 mins 30 secs
    brexit, conservatism, europe, trump

    Jessica and Evan visit with Steve Hilton, a man of many talents and claims to fame. An early restaurateur in farm to table, a corporate social responsibility advocate, right hand to David Cameron, and now CEO and best selling author. Hilton's latest push is around a concept called 'positive populism'--which he explains at length on the show.

  • Doug Deason: How a High School Arrest Forged a Criminal Justice Warrior

    February 28th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  1 hr 18 mins

    Doug Deason is an unlikely advocate for criminal justice reform: he is a wealthy investor based in Dallas who supported Donald Trump. However, a childhood adventure and a powerful speech by Charles Koch helped shape Doug into one of the most outspoken and active advocates.

  • Stacy Hock on Educational Choice--From Innovation in New York to Political Battles in Texas

    January 16th, 2018  |  Season 1  |  1 hr 9 mins

    Stacy Hock is an Austin-born, MIT-trained computer scientist, serial leader of technology companies, and now advocate for educational choice in her home state of Texas. After reading Milton Friedman, Hock became committed to free-market solutions to difficult public problems--and the U.S. education system is the perfect target. Despite her skill and persuasion, achieving reform has proven impossible, at least so far.

  • Mike Gallagher on the "Why" of Being in Congress and Sleeping in Your Office

    January 2nd, 2018  |  Season 1  |  49 mins 49 secs

    Mike Gallagher is the youngest member of the United States Congress. After nearly a decade of service in the military, Gallagher takes his 'deployment' mentality to Washington. Gallagher chats all things from how to disagree with Trump to tips on doing well in the Congressional office lottery.