Doug Deason

Special guest

Doug Deason has been the President of Deason Capital Services, LLC (DCS), the Deason family office, since joining the firm in 2009. DCS has an AUM of approximately $1.5 Billion, and manages a diversified portfolio of public and private assets including a large portfolio of public equity and debt securities (including a significant holding in Xerox Corporation) and hedge funds, and private equity and real estate holdings that includes direct and fund based holdings in private equity, private debt, oil and gas, real estate and other assets. DCS private assets include a majority holding in FUNimation Entertainment and 1200 Media, a producer and distributor of anime content; a substantial holding in Park Cities Financial Group, Inc. (the owner of Dallas Capital Bank), and large holdings in Foreland Resources, LLC, an oil and gas operating company, and Ryan, LLC, one of the largest tax consulting firms in the world.

Prior to joining DCS, Doug was CEO of Precept Builders, Inc., a nationwide commercial builder, from 1993 to 2009 and co-managing partner of Evergreen Realty Partners, a commercial and multifamily development company based in Dallas. He also previously served as CEO of Precept Business Services, a NASDAQ listed services firm. He currently serves on the board of directors of FUNimation and 1200 Media Group, Foreland Resources, Deason Capital Services, Intrexon Energy Partners, Ryan LLC, ID Life, Park Cities Financial Group (parent of Dallas Capital Bank), and DCS Finance. In addition, Doug serves on the Advisory Board of Valesco Industries; a Dallas based private equity fund, the Executive Board of The School of Engineering at Southern Methodist University (SMU), the Advisory Board of MD Anderson Cancer Center, and is Chairman of the Advisory Board of The Institute for Cyber Security at SMU.

Over his career, in addition to those noted above, Doug has served on numerous boards including both private and public companies as well as charitable organizations and private schools. He has served on the finance committee of the Dallas County Republican Party for four years, and on the Executive Committee and as Membership Chair for the West Texas Chapter of the Young Presidents Organization. Doug is an outspoken advocate for Criminal Justice Reform in Texas and in Washington DC, and was responsible for groundbreaking legislation being passed in support of reform in Texas in 2015. Doug holds a degree in Data Processing Quantitative Analysis (Computer Science) from the University of Arkansas earned in 1984.

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