Jessica Dahl

Co-Host of Our American Experiment

Jessica is the Director of Politics at Brigade, a startup that seeks to leverage technology to tackle the problem of declining citizen power and engagement in democracy. She oversees partnerships with high-profile advocacy and political organizations to run successful campaigns on the platform. Jessica was formerly the Director of Campaigns at, the world's largest online campaigning site, prior to its acquisition by Brigade. Before joining Causes, Jessica was Campaigns Director at the Ad Council where she led multiple public service advertising campaigns. Jessica also serves on the advisory board for Lincoln Labs, a community of like-minded technologists who build and create technology to advance the cause of liberty. Finally, Jessica is on the Board of Directors for Teneo, an organization of exceptional young professionals committed to advancing conservative and libertarian values. Jessica resides in the Washington DC metro area with her husband Brock and their two children.

Jessica Dahl has hosted four Episodes.